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The Navy Exchange Service Command

The Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM), headquartered in Hampton Roads, Virginia operates the worldwide Navy Exchange System (NES). As the component of the Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP) responsible for resale programs, NEXCOM's mission is to provide authorized customers, quality goods and services, at a savings, and to support quality of life programs.

The Navy Exchange System (NES) is a Navy retailing operation that provides quality products and a variety of services to the men and women of the Armed Forces, with special emphasis on Navy active duty Sailors, retirees, reservists and their families. Navy Exchanges (NEXs) generally are located on or near Navy bases throughout the United States and around the world.

NEXCOM is self-supporting and uses almost no tax dollars for its operations. As a Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentality (NAFI) of the U. S. Government, NEXCOM is subject to directives issued by the Departments of Defense and Navy, in addition to applicable Federal laws; however, procurement laws and regulations that apply to spending tax dollars, such as the Federal Acquisition Regulations (48 CFR 1, et seq.) do not generally apply to NES procurements.

Authority to purchase items and services, both resale and to support NES operations, is limited to general and divisional merchandise managers, and buyers within the General Merchandising Group (Code M), contracting officers assigned to Corporate Contracts (Code K) and to overseas district offices located in Naples, Italy and Yokosuka, Japan, and to contracting officers that support the Ships Stores Afloat Program (Code A).

Four separate programs comprise the NES: Navy Exchanges, Navy Lodges, Ships Store Program and the Uniform Program Management Office.

Navy Exchanges

NEXs provide authorized customers with quality merchandise at affordable prices. Authorized customers save an average of 20% on items before sales tax. NEXs are considered a non-pay benefit for military personnel.

There are over 100 NEXs worldwide with sales volume ranging from $70,000 to over $150 million annually. NEX revenues worldwide are $2 billion and contributions to Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) have exceeded $2 billion since 1946.

Navy Exchanges are organized by region, into districts:

District Name:

Location of District Stores:

Capital/Northeast District

Maryland, New England, New York, and New Jersey.

Tidewater District

Southeast Virginia and West Virginia.


Southeast District

Eastern Florida, Georgia, So. Carolina, and Cuba.

Mid South District

Western Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and Texas.

Northwest District

Washington State and Northern California

Western District

Southern alifornia and Great Lakes.

Hawaii District; European District; Guam District; Japan District:

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NEXs consist of retail and service departments, and are operated in a similar manner to commercial retail enterprises, within limitations established by Congress and the Department of Defense. NEXs provide basic staple merchandise, including automotive supplies, candy and confections, food products, cameras and photo accessories, home furnishings, housewares, sporting goods, electrical appliances, consumer electronics, computers and software, luggage and leather goods, stationery, books and periodicals, greeting cards, hardware, garden supplies, pet supplies, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances, uniforms and uniform accessories, clothing, domestics, family shoes, distilled spirits, wine, beer and soda and tobacco and smoking accessories.

Services available to authorized NEX customers include automotive service centers, fast food outlets, snack bars, food carts, mobile canteens, laundry and dry cleaning, vending machines, optical shops, photo finishing, specialty stores, barber and beauty salons, flower shops, video rental, car rental and other personalized services. Many of these services are provided through concession agreements established with local businesses. A summary of these services is provided below:

Direct Run Operations

Contracted/License Agreements/Concessions

*Food services
*Haircare shops
*Auto service/gas dispensing
*Personalized services
Western Union, travelers
checks, keys, stamps, etc.
*Flower shops
*Video rental outlets
*Laundry/dry cleaning facilities & plants
*Optical shops
*Photo finishing & labs
(combined Navy Exchange and DeCA Commissary)

*National Brand Outlets
*Telecommunication services: AT&T, Sprint, PCS, T-Mobile
*Food services: McDonald's, Burger King, Subway, Bojangles, Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, Cinnabon, Seattle's Best, Sbarros, Long John Silvers, Starbucks, etc.
*Vehicle Rental
Enterprise, Hertz
*UPS Stores
*Unbranded Outlets
Haircare shops
Video rental shops


Navy Lodges are hotels operated by the Navy Lodge Program on or near Navy bases. With 43 locations worldwide, Navy Lodges provide temporary accommodations for authorized patrons who are in transit between duty stations, house hunting, on temporary assigned duty or on vacation.
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Information regarding Navy Lodge operations, inquiries and correspondence should be directed to the Director, Navy Lodge Program, at:

Navy Lodge Program
1240 Gator Blvd., Bldg 3126
Norfolk VA. 23521
Phone: (757) 502-7499
Fax: (757) 363-0802
Ships Stores Afloat are retail outlets on ships. Because of space constraints aboard ships, merchandise is restricted to basic necessities and a limited selection of additional items.
Services include barber shops, laundry and cleaning, vending machines. Contracts with local vendors are available to supply merchandise and special orders to personnel aboard ships while ships are in port.
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Inquiries and correspondence should be directed to the V.P., Ships Store Program, at:

Navy Exchange Service Command
Ships Store Program (Code A)
3280 Virginia Beach Boulevard
Virginia Beach VA 23452-5724
Phone: (757) 502-7404
Fax: (757) 502-7482
In dealing with Military Sealift Command (MSC) exchanges, the same procedures are followed as that for NEX activities. Merchandise cannot be sold to individual MSC (USNS) ships directly. Such ships do not have contracting authority. Merchandise buying is accomplished by using bulletins/contracts prepared for NEXs and Ships Stores Afloat. Exchanges aboard MSC ships offer a moderate selection of basic necessities, snack items and general merchandise to meet crew and passenger requirements.
Address mail to the MSC exchange division director at:
Commander, Military Sealift Command Pacific
9284 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: 619-553-2303
As program manager for Navy uniforms, the Uniform Program Management Office (UPMO) is the only authorized source of certified Navy uniforms. The UPMO encompasses the management of government issue uniform items as well as commercially procured certified items for chiefs and officers.
Uniforms are sold to authorized patrons at over 100 uniform centers located around the world, the Uniform Support Center (USC) and through the command's website, The stock assortments at the uniform centers vary by location based on the mission of the base and the demographics of the area.
In addition to Navy uniform items, the UPMO also manages the U. S. Marine Corps mail order program and provides support for other services in quad services stores.
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Information regarding Navy uniform procurement procedures, inquiries and correspondence should be directed to the Director, Uniform Program Management Office, at:
Uniform Program Management Office
3280 Virginia Beach Blvd.
Virgina Beach, VA 23452-5724
Phone: (757) 631-4117
Fax: (757) 631-3344


The method of doing business with NEXs depends on the type of merchandise or service being offered for resale by the store. NEX buying is done by General Merchandise Group and by Corporate Contracts located at the NEXCOM Headquarters in Hampton Roads, Virginia. In addition, NEXs and districts receive merchandising guidance, policies and procedures from Headquarters.
In general, all buying for retail departments for all NEXs is done by NEXCOM. There is limited local buying in Japan, Europe and Pearl Harbor.
Categories of merchandise and price limitations on goods sold by NEXs in the continental United States are established by the Armed Services Exchange Regulations, issued by the Department of Defense. These limitations do not apply to overseas NEXs.
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Inquiries and correspondence should be directed to a buyer or contracting officer as appropriate, at the address below.

Navy Exchange Service Command
3280 Virginia Beach Boulevard
Virginia Beach, VA 23452-5724

It is the policy of the NES to cooperate to the fullest extent possible with all suppliers and manufacturers, while maintaining the highest standards of business ethics in seeking to obtain suitable items for system operation and maintenance, or for resale to authorized customers. NEXCOM is as receptive to small business enterprises, including those that are minority or women-owned, as it is to large firms. Quality products, competitive prices and customer demand are the basic determining factors for the acquisition of merchandise and supplies.

NEXCOM, as a matter of policy, supports American businesses and the national workforce by seeking vendors and suppliers that are based in the United States and are consistent with its overall mission.

Appointments may be made by letter or telephone directly with the appropriate buyer, services or contract specialist. If there is a last minute emergency, and the buyer is not available, the divisional merchandise manager or the general merchandise manager will keep the appointment. If the services or contract specialist is not available, generally another specialist will keep the appointment or the appointment can be rescheduled.

Contracting officers are primarily responsible for the procurement of all non-retail items and all services. This includes equipment, supplies and support services necessary for NES operations as well as revenue generating services. The latter includes concessions/license agreements, such as AT&T, McDonalds, UPS store, Optometrists, Car Rental, Etc, as well as contracted services where NEX associates serve the customer, but a contractor provides services to the NEX such as truck Rental, Western Union, PODS, laundry/dry cleaning, photo finishing, Red Box DVD Rental, etc.
The role of a contracting officer is to evaluate requirements, determine most effective means of obtaining required equipment, supplies or services, solicit, evaluate, award and administer contracts as needed to fulfill each requirement. Larger procurements of items and services are solicited using a Request for Proposals (RFP), normally on a competitive basis, and subject to negotiation, in accordance with prescribed procedures. Awards are then issued to the successful offeror after supervisory approval, and as applicable, by the NEXCOM Contracts Review Board, consisting of senior members of the NEXCOM Corporate Contracts staff.
NEXCOM Corporate Contracts (Code K) presently consists of a main office located at the Headquarters in Hampton Roads, Virginia; and a field offices in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Naples, Italy and Yokosuka, Japan, assigned to District Hawaii, District Europe and District Japan, respectively.
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To assist prospective vendors in doing business with the NES, NEXCOM maintains a Small Business Office. This provides information on how to do business with the NES that supplements information on this website. The NEXCOM Deputy for Small Business can be reached at:
Navy Exchange Service Command
Attn: Small Business Office
3280 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23452-5724
Phone: (757) 631-3696
Fax: (757) 631-4508
Federal Government Standards of Ethical Conduct require that Government personnel avoid the appearance of improper action. A critical element in ensuring compliance with this standard is in properly addressing gifts and gratuities. In general, Government personnel (whether on or off duty), may not solicit or accept, directly or indirectly, any gift, favor, gratuity, entertainment, or other thing of value. Further, improper acceptance of a gift or gratuity subjects NES associates to disciplinary action that includes separation, civil suit for recovery of the value of the gift or gratuity, and criminal prosecution.
A gift or gratuity is giving something having monetary value; however, the following items are not considered gifts or gratuities as long as they have little intrinsic value:
  • Food or refreshment that is not part of a meal
  • Working lunches sponsored by vendors at “market” or “trade shows” to all attendees
  • Giveaways that are offered by vendors at “market” or “trade shows” to all attendees
  • Greeting cards, small plaques, certificates, trophies, etc., solely for presentation
  • Rewards/prizes in contests open to public or a broad group (such as attendees of a trade show)
  • Opportunities and benefits generally available to the public, or to all Government employees
Although we suggest that NES associates not accept gifts or gratuities; within the following exceptions, associates may accept noncash gifts or gratuities:
  • Gifts of $20 or less per event, from a single source (but not over $50 annually from source)
  • Discounts, favorable rates and similar benefits
  • Honorary degrees/awards
  • Conference or seminar fees where person is speaking in an official capacity, may be paid.
For NES associates with the authority to make purchasing decisions (such as a buyer, contracts specialist, and Divisional/General Merchandise Manager) and store management (such as Divisional Managers, Operations Managers and General Managers) we recommended that they avoid accepting gifts or gratuities from any person, firm, or organization that is doing, or seeking to do business with us. The offering or giving of an improper gift or gratuity by an individual or firm (or its employees or agents) could lead to serious consequences, including termination of contracts, determination of non-responsibility for award of contracts, suspension, debarment, civil suit for recovery of the value of the gift or gratuity, and/or other damages, and criminal prosecution. For additional information on the U. S. Government Standards of Ethical Conduct, refer to the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 5, Volume 3, Chapters XVI and XXVI.
We ask for your support of this important policy. Should you become aware of any indication or evidence of a violation of this policy, please report it using our special hot line (888) 540-5410. This toll free line is available 24-hours a day, reports will be promptly investigated, and confidentiality is assured.
NEXCOM purchases products and services on the basis of product merit and fair competition. All NES associates are required to comply with the Navy's Standards of Conduct - ethical rules for conducting business and personal activities. Anyone in a business relationship with the NES is expected to abide by the Standards of Conduct as well.
If you believe or have knowledge that our business code of ethics is being violated or that fraud, waste or abuse is taking place at any activity of the NES, please report your concerns on our special hot line (888) 540-5410. Again, this is a toll free line, is available 24-hours a day, reports will be promptly investigated, and confidentiality is assured.
The Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Ethics Regulations (JER) do not permit DoD employees or their dependents to do business with the U. S. Government. Also, active duty personnel are considered to be DoD employees under the JER.
The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986, Public Law 99-603 (8 U.S.C. 1324a), requires employers to verify the eligibility of individuals for employment to preclude the unlawful hiring, or recruiting or referring for a fee, of aliens who are not authorized to work in the United States.
NEXCOM contractors and vendors are required to certify that they presently comply, and will continue to comply with IRCA. This includes the obligation to verify the identity and employment eligibility of any individual who is or may be employed to work under any Government contract. This also includes the obligation to ensure that current and proposed subcontractors/suppliers employing four or more individuals are in compliance with IRCA prior to the award of any subcontract for work under a Government contract.
Questions regarding compliance under the Act may be directed to U.S. Department of Justice, Immigration and Naturalization Service."